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Kanex USB-C Car Charger, 1.2M, Black - Charge a new MacBook from your Car

The USB-C™ Car Charger is the first car charger with a built-in USB-C cable. This cable will let you charge your new MacBook and any other USB-C ready device from the comfort of your car.
  • Charge your new MacBook and your iPhone or iPod
  • 3 Amps of power for a faster charge
  • USB-C Cable plus one additional USB port with 1 Amp of power
  • LED power indicator
  • Built-in circuit protection
Practical and Convenient
At 4 feet long, the cable can reach your dashboard with ease and even the back seat. Simply plug into your car’s 12-volt outlet. An LED signals that the charger is on and ready to charge. Connect to your USB-C™ enabled device or plug in a standard USB cable and you’re ready to charge.
For USB-C + USB Devices
We’ve designed our USB-C™ Car Charger for both the new and the current technology. The built-in cable is equipped with a USB-C connector designed for the new MacBook and similar devices. We’ve also added a standard USB port so you can power up your iPhone®, iPod®, and many more USB friendly devices.
Built-In Circuit Protection
This USB-C™ Car Charger features over-current and circuit protection to ensure that your device is protected at all times while charging.
Connect to More
Our line of USB-C™ connectivity solutions is made with your needs in mind. As we welcome the new USB-C devices, we’ve identified a need to bridge the gap between the old, current and new technologies.


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