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Joyroom USB - USB Type C cable 3 A 1 m (S-1030M8)

Everyone who uses devices which must be charged – most often mobile phones and tablets – knows well that cables are problematic. This is why it is advisable to invest in a high-quality product which will be functional and durable. Cable USB Type C Joyroom S-1030M8 is a must-have if you own a device with C-type output. The cable is made of a solid fabric which secures against damage. The wire is universal and compatible with all devices supplied with C-type output.


  • Brand: Joyroom
  • Type: USB cable
  • Type of connector: USB Type C
  • Material: Soft-to-touch silicone, resistant to damage
  • Length: 1 meter

Content of the set:

  • 1x Cable USB Type C

Major features:

  • Equipped with a smart chip adapting input voltage while charging, protecting the device against damage
  • Backlight showing location of the equipment in a dark room
  • Durability up to 80 kg
  • Data transmission and charging supported
  • Compatible with all devices with port type C
  • Quick charging

Convenient charging and durable housing

A modern cable type C allows convenient charging of all devices which use a USB Type-C port. A considerable advantage of the cable is the fact that you can make use of quick charging, which will surely satisfy all owners of such function. A soft and silicone finish with additional protection at ends secures against failures – damage by the USB and USB-C tip, most frequent damage.

Adapted to user’s needs

A universal cable Type C can be used in two ways. It can easily replace an old damaged cable so that you can charge any device with C type equipment. Additionally it can be used to transfer data, e.g. between laptop and mobile phone. An interesting solution is backlight in the connection spot. This allows identifying the device in a dark room. The cable is also supplied with a special chip whose task is to secure the charged equipment against extensive voltage.


The cable is user-friendly. The user is only expected to connect it to the charged equipment and then connect the plug into the socket or other equipment which allows charging (you can charge a smartphone, connecting it to the laptop).


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