Joyroom USB - Lightning cable 3 A 0,2 m (S-0230N1)

Your cable does not work and you cannot charge your mobile phone? A flat battery of your device is a frequent problem. For this reason you should invest in a product which is durable, well-made and safe for your equipment. We have a suggestion for you – fast charging cable by Joyroom. Cable USB 8 PIN will let you charge your device instantly and transfer data from the phone to laptop conveniently.


  • Brand: Joyroom
  • Type: Fast charging cable
  • Type of connector: USB 8 PIN
  • Intended use: Device charging and data transmission
  • Cable tip coating: Aluminum alloy

Content of the set:

  • 1x Fast charging cable USB 8 PIN

Major features:

  • Durable nylon protects the cable against damage
  • Specially reinforced seams
  • Use of device-securing chip
  • Fast charging allowed
  • Safe data transmission
  • No overheating during charging

Solid manufacture and security

The cable USB PIN 8 for fast charging has been made of high-quality materials. Emphasis must be placed on coating of the outer part of the cable with a durable nylon. Thanks to this, it is possible to secure the cable against twisting and abrasion. Cable tips must also be highlighted. Both sides are additionally reinforced with aluminum alloy. This procedure allows not only increasing plugs durability but also protection against oxidizing.

High functionality and convenient charging

A fast charging cable with a special tip is an ideal solution which can let you charge Apple equipment in no time. Additionally the gadget supports data transmission between devices connected. Phone users who often spend their free time playing will appreciate an extra protection. The phone connected to charging cable will not overheat – it is different than in the case of standard cables.

Modern technology

One of the biggest advantages of this fast charging cable USB 8 PIN is its innovative protective chip. Its task is to regulate voltage and protect the device against damage.

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