Joyroom 4in1 USB Type C/USB - USB Type C/Lightning 3 A 60 W 1,2m

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Joyroom 4in1 multifunction fast charging cable USB Type C / USB - USB Type C / Lithtning Quick Charge Power Delivery 3 A 60 W 1,2 m

One instead of several cables? Thanks to the multi-functional device by Joyroom, you can forget about various phone chargers. Now you and your friends or relatives can use one gadget – nothing gets tangled up and lost! This is cable USB Type C- USB Type C equipped with USB Type C adapter into regular USB on one side, and USB Type C adapter into Lightning on the other. High universality will make you appreciate it during everyday use at home or in the office.


  • Brand: Joyroom
  • Maximum power: 60 W
  • Maximum current: 3 A
  • Material: aluminum alloy + nylon plaiting
  • Number of plugs: 4

Major features:

  • Fast charging and data sending
  • Support to up to 4 devices – possible to switch modes freely
  • Solid manufacture
  • Convenient use of electronics

Solid manufacture of cable

The cable is well-manufactured with the use of TPE and is so flexible that you can freely wrap it or bend without cracking or damage risk. The inner core made of thick wire guarantees stable transmission of signals. The aluminum plug is resistant to oxidizing. The tests have proved that it can be connected and disconnected up to 10 thousand times.

Fast charging 

Devices which support quick charging protocols QC3.0/PD/Samsung fast charging are supported by this charger. Depending on the phone model, charging takes 80-120 minutes at the longest!

Due to maximum values obtained, that is power of 60 W and intensity of 3A, this cable is also fit for charging MacBook Ari13. To refill the battery, you only need 90 minutes!

Feel free to make connections

Thanks to 4in1 cable, you can establish connections between various devices – mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and other with supported ports. This means you can feel free to pair electronics, as well as send data and charge easier than ever before.


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