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Guess Mobilrem CBDY Cord - Beige

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Guess Mobilrem CBDY Cord - Beige

Universal CBDY Cord is an extremely fashionable and tasteful phone accessory signed by the famous Guess fashion house. The phone strap will allow you to protect your smartphone against damage or loss, and will also allow you to have your phone always close to you. The accessory ensures great convenience and comfort of using the phone.

The accessory is practical and useful, it has many different ways to wear it and how you use it depends on your creativity. The adjustable length of 150 cm allows you to adapt it to the user's individual preferences - you can shorten its length as much as you need. The belt can be worn attached to a purse, on the shoulder like a purse, tied around the wrist, around the neck, tied to a belt loop or in any other way that comes to your mind.

To use the strap, you must have a phone case.

The Guess CBDY Cord strap is very easy to install - just insert a special insert with a hook between the protective case and the smartphone. The tip of the insert comes out through a cutout in the case intended for the charging port, it does not disturb its functionality, and is fully compatible with wireless charging. The strap is attached to a special insert with a hook, and the carabiner attached to the adapter allows you to quickly detach the strap from the phone. The strap is universal and fits almost all smartphones.

High-quality nylon was used to produce CBDY Cord. It is a very durable and wear-resistant material, light and pleasant to the touch. Gold fittings with the Guess logo give this accessory an elegant and prestigious look.

An elegant gold pendant with the world-famous brand symbol - the legendary 4G - makes this belt a distinctive accessory and goes with almost everything.

Produkt tillverkad under licens från varumärket Guess

Tillverkare: Guess
EAN: 3666339169749
Färg: Beige



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