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Copter Exoglass Curved Frame Samsung Galaxy A40
  • Copter Exoglass Curved Frame Samsung Galaxy A40

Copter Exoglass Curved Frame Samsung Galaxy A40

Artikelnummer: A00-BS-7340055076074

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Copter Exoglass Curved protects the screen against scratches and damage. It fits perfectly and covers the curved edges of your device. It's made of glass, and strong as steel.

Copter Exoglass protects your touchscreen from everyday mishaps and ensures that your device always looks new by preventing scratches. 
Copter Exoglass is a four layer screen protector consisting of materials used in the manufacture of protective glass in the defense industry. 
The main component of the screen protector is a thin layer of optical glass that is chemically cured at the molecular level. This type of glass has a technical hardness comparable to steel. The inside of the glass is reinforced with a PET film containing a layer of self-adhesive silicone material. The grease-repellent surface treatment on the outside of the glass prevents the appearance of fingerprints.
The composite material in the protective glass has a large number of important properties which, for example, contribute to improved optical properties, a high mechanical strength, resistance to shaking and high temperature reductions, as well as moisture resistance and chemical stability. The material also effectively protects against external influences by absorbing the impact of impact and impact. 
The Copter Exoglass drive features interact to ensure reliable protection for your touch screen, even in extreme conditions. This means that you can save money by not having to replace the touch screen and / or original glass.


  • Hard Chemically Strengthened Glass
  • High Definition Glass Protection
  • Four Safety Layers
  • Wear-proof and Scratch-proof
  • Anti-shatter Protection


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